DIY ripped jeans

Its actually super easy !! Hey, why buy ripped jeans you saw at the mall (that costs more than it should) when you can do it yourself at home! (A trick my cousin taught me.) ps no sewing promise!
What you need:

A needle and scissors 

I did my ripped jeans at school to be honest. And that means its super easy and quick! Here are the steps (goodgirlgonnice-way of doing the ripped jeans):

1. Get your scissors and start cutting a fair amount on your jeans. You can put cuts how many much as you like, it depends on you. Reminder: just cut the front don’t cut it as a whole.

2. Pull out threads with your needle on the edge of the cuts. Note: this may take a bit of time because, believe me, there’s a fair amount of thread in there. 

Andddd WALLAH!!! You’ve got yourself a rippedjean!! 

The one me and my cousin made is on the featured picture. I advise you pair them with black boots and black stockings inside if you’re not that kind of person who likes to show skin, like me. 
Anyways, feel free to comment if you feel I’m just babbling and you want me to do this over. That’s me anyway, the babbler (I’m sorry, im really new to this.) well that’s all. 👍🏻




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