First blog entry

Welcome to my blog! *drum rolls.* I don’t really know what people say in their blogs. In fact, i wasn’t really gonna make a blog if I wasn’t this bored and desperate. Well, i think we all are in summer. It all started last Saturday morning, i was filling up my minds with thoughts of what to do for summer- i thought of playing the piano and figuring out songs or finishing up the fifth book of Harry Potter and move to the sixth. But then i thought a hundred and four days of summer would be more than enough. So then i thought, ‘hey why don’t i make a blog?’. At first it wasn’t really that legit. But my sister told (or begged 🙄) me to do it. I don’t really know why she was so into it. I’ll make a mental note to know what she’s up to. Anyways, so now I’m writing it and this is so real. Like, i’m really doin’ it. But sometimes when you have the whole thing planned out in your mind everything just evaporates when you’re really writing it. So for now, HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! (Just picture me screaming my lungs out. ;)) 


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