Me before you book review


I appreciate the movie but the book was definitely better and more heart breaking.

I loved the book mainly because it’s a very different love story, not one you find in other books.

different. heart breaking. amazing. and every other positive adjective.

I loved that, one, it was very realistic. it’s not based on something that everyone expects to happen in movies or books but rather, something that actually could happen in reality. maybe that’s why everyone loved this book so much.

I also personally loved the part where after you finish the book you kind of have a realization and you also have that feeling like “what am I suppose do next?”

SPOILER ALERT: My favorite part was when Will bought her the bumble bee socks for her birthday. It was absolutely cute and I aspire to meet a person (not necessarily a partner but a really close friend) that knows me as much as Will knows almost every little thing about her.


GOOD READ. i promise. Go get yourself this book and start reading, PLEASEEEE!

oh and before that, buy a box full of tissues. kidding. (Or not)




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