How are you enjoying the last days of 2016?

Heyyyoooo guys !! I’m back! 🙌🏻 so, as we all know 2016 has come to its end and I am just very thankful I have reached this far. Alhamdullilah. 

SO- First things first, in this post, I’m going to compile all the  notable events this year, atleast those I can remember and atleast, ofcourse, the notable events that I took the importance of 😄 

2016 is the year Harry Potter and the cursed child was released and it’s a really big deal for me since I’m such a geeky potterhead 🤓

Well the death of Alan Rickman and Carrie Fisher IS quite heartbreaking… Legends forever, Rest in peace.

Also, let me just say the Brangelina split kind of made my heart just fall out of my chest. 💔

Not really an event but I just want to point out how proud I am of Kendall for all her hard work that’s finally paying off, she was incredible this year 😍👄 and to those saying she wasn’t and that she’s just taking the credit of her ‘rich and famous’ family- why are you still in my blog? Out!

Here’s some stuff I enjoyed out of my 2016:

Starts off with an exciting new year celebration then..

How’s yours? comment.😉




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