Birthday post 🎈🎈

Sooooo, my birthday was at January four and I just want to thank everyone  who greeted me on my day. So much love for you guys, if ever you’ll get the chance to read this..

Anyways, here are ten facts about me to get us a little acquainted

10 facts about goodgirlgonnice:

1. My full name is AMINA MALIKA MACARAMBON ALI. ‘Malika’ means Queen and I got ‘Amina’ from my great grand mother. And I’m pretty happy about my name. I mean, not a lot of people are satisfied with theirs but, I’m good. ☺️

2. I live in the Philippines and I’m filipino πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ I’m also a proud muslim 🌸

3.  I don’t usually get sick. As in I don’t. I can survive a year without getting a fever or something. That’s suppose to be a good thing but I’m always desperate for extra attention from my parents, call me spoiled idc πŸ’πŸ» So when I get even the smallest hint of a headache I’m just like “mama I think I’m sick.” But mum knows best I’m not. On the latter part, when I get sick it feels like a bomb. Like this one time I got sick, I felt like i was dying and I couldn’t get out of bed and I slept a lot πŸ€•

4. I don’t drink milk. In fact, I hate it. I dunno. it makes me want to vomit, with only three sips. You can’t blame me though, i tried my best to drink atleast one glass but i just couldn’t 😦 one of the things that kind of remind me i suck πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ BUT , i drink milk when it’s put into cereals, cornflakes, milkshakes, that kind of stuff. So, I don’t suck that much after all. 😝 (it’s my birthday you guyssss) 

5. I like dogs and cats (equally). I think they’re really cute and i just want to freaking cuddle them. I had a cat named Harry but unfortunately, he died πŸ˜₯ before Harry, I had my first cat Oscar. The funny thing was, we first thought he was a guy until my uncle revealed he was a girl and we tried to change his name into Oscarita (which sucks by the way) but we got stuck at Oscar cause he’s already immune to that. Then, we now have Kylo, a doberman, and Baby G, an american bully. So that’s my little pet history lol.

6. I play the piano but I’m not the kind who plays at a large crowd and gets praised for it. I mean, I took lessons last summer, nothing special. I’m good but not great, I’d give myself that. 😁 though i think I’m getting better at it a bit so I consider myself average. πŸ™ŒπŸ»

7. I am a dedicated bookworm, i mean that I will always and forever be. I first started realizing I liked reading around sixth grade, i read books since I was seven  but I never really  owned up to being a bookworm until my sixth year in elementary. It was, ofcourse, the book that led me to that is *drum rolls* HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERERS STONE. Even just writing that down got me giddy. It always gives me the feels up until now. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… i love, The selection series, the Harry Potter series, The hunger games series, The if I stay series, the Summer I turned pretty series, to all the boys i’ve loved before series and lots more! Maybe I’ll leave it to that, I don’t want you thinking I’m a freak 😳

8. I can’t sleep when the lights are off, I’m scared of the dark. Here’s a list of things I’m deeply afraid of: the dark, that’s one, blood from wounds (this is the part where my cousins say “how are you going to be a doctor then?”πŸ˜‚) , cockroaches, rats, moths, slimy stuff, basically bugs that creep you out with their long pointy legs and antennas, anddddd goodbyes.

9. I like dressing up sometimes when I’m alone or when I’m going somewhere, maybe mostly when I’m going somewhere. πŸ˜‰ when I say ‘dress up alone’ i actually meant with my sister and making vids or just shooting, its a thing we bond on. But, if I was asked whether I’d choose between ‘over dressed or underdressed’ , I’d pick underdressed, always.

10. Last number of the facts ’bout me. I’m fifteen as of January 4 2017 πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ yipee. And I’m hoping for more years to come, bring it 

I hope you had fun reading this small part of me and I hope you guys stay tune for more and more facts and life hacks on my blog πŸ˜‰  πŸ˜½




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